Rig Drilling

We are professionally equipped and strategically positioned to solve the challenges of efficiently drilling and accurately placing oil and gas wells. We deliver leading technologies that range from ground breaking bit and cutting element technologies, along with drilling fluids and mud logging capabilities, to the individual hardware components in a fully integrated system. We bring to the table a deep knowledge of instrumentation, software optimization, and automation.

Delivering Value Through Partnerships

Our partner, JDC, is a sole offshore drilling contractor established in Japan since 1968, and has been providing high-quality offshore-drilling services worldwide. JDC owns three Jack-up rigs, one Semi-Submersible rig and operates one Drillship on behalf of the Japanese government. Apart from owned rigs, they are also in the process of getting jack-up rigs from other sources for the Nigerian offshore rig market.

Areas of Focus

  • Tools & Equipment
  • Exploration & Energy Development
  • Measurements/Logging While Drilling
  • Turbine Drilling
  • Directional Drilling
  • Drilling Rig Production / Drilling Service (Semi-Submersible, Jack-up and Drillship)
  • Completion & Wellbore Clean Out Services
  • Other D & M Bundled Services

Other Services

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Fire Fighting Solutions

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Tank & Vessel Cleaning