Nigerian Local Content Policy

LEXOIL in line with Federal Government of Nigeria's vision to build the nations capacity and capability shall contribute by maximizing procurement and services from Nigeria sources, manpower, materials and equipment required for its operations and services.

LEXOIL shall endeavour to maximize the participation of Nigerians/Nigerian Companies and the use of local material/resources during its operations/ activities and ensure the achievement of its set targets and objectives without compromising the intent of achieving the overall best value for its operations and services in terms of price, quality, efficiency, delivery and HSE.

The Nigerian Content policy of LEXOIL shall include the following elements:

  • Procurement to be performed by competent Nigerian suppliers/contractors.
  • Project management to be domiciled in Nigeria.
  • Equipment supplies to be majorly performed by Nigerian suppliers.
  • Duties, taxes, fees and surcharges to be dully effected.